Electronic Component Procurement has never been so easy!

Sourcing appropriate components for PCBA from distributors and getting them at the destination having passed clearance at various stages have been a challenge with respect to time and cost. Designers in electronic teams spend 24-28 hours on average in refining the Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) to identify the right distributors for a specific part number considering the availability and cost trade-offs. In addition, it is a good design practice to always identify alternate part numbers for components as a second source during the design phase of the product, which doubles the time spent by a designer.

How we innovated and reduced ordering lead time to 15 min?

With experience and dedicated efforts, we developed a software approach, integrating major reliable vendors in the electronics industry right in our platform for sourcing components efficiently. The step-by-step flow, helps in selecting the required components at ease for the required units; Transparency in the various costs involved and auto-recommendation of vendors helps in optimizing cost. We will explain how we achieved with the process flow diagram.

Introduction to BOM and Procurement tool:

1. Bill of Materials(BOM):A list of parts and quantities of each needed to manufacture a single end product.
2. Procurement Tool: A software tool, which helps you source the components from various vendors based on price and stock availability.
Our exclusives:

a. Real-time update on components’ price and stock across reliable vendors right in the platform.

b. Auto recommendation of components from reliable vendors optimizing cost. Also, the option to custom select components from various vendors as per the requirement.

c. Search alternate components with specifications required for those unavailable components and also to better on the components available as a second source.

d. Transparency in cost including Kit cost, shipping charges, procurement fee, custom duties, and GST.

e. Archived data so that for any repetition or analysis purposes, data is always retrievable.

Process Flow: Simple yet highly efficient


As a new age ‘Electronics Manufacturing Service’ provider with an EMS 2.0 approach, our platform is 100% automated and customer-friendly. We enable you with all the tools to guide you through the entire process with no ambiguity which can be used 24/7 anywhere in the world. Thus, refining and ordering the components as per your BOM happens in less than 15min which thereby reduces the overall lead-time of PCB assembly (PCBA) process.